Hilton Honors Gifting Gold & Diamond Status In 2022

Hilton made changes to its Honors guest loyalty program in 2018 (read more here) that also introduced the ability to gift Gold and Diamond tiers based on the number of nights consumed within the calendar year. Hilton lowered the gifting requirements during the pandemic and slightly raised them for 2022, but they are still significantly less than usual....

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The Time I Crossed Paths with a Modern Day Huck Finn

Riverman is the April pick for the Outside Book Club. You can learn more about the book club here, or join us on Facebook to discuss it. In the summer of 1999, Richard Perry Conant, age 48, quit his job as a janitor at the VA hospital in Boise, declaring himself fed up with the Clinton impeachment indulgence and maybe modernity itself. Before leaving...

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