Mysteries Are to Be Embraced, But Also to Be Solved

One of my favorite TV shows as a teenager was a series called Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World. This was a 13-part British television series looking at all manner of unexplained events, weird phenomena, and urban myths from around the world, introduced by the famous science-fiction writer and futurist Arthur C. Clarke. The series divided up its subject...

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Getting a Bee in Math: Honey Bees Can Distinguish Between Odd and Even Numbers

Honey bees know nothing. Literally. Honey bees have previously demonstrated to scientists they understand the concept of zero by selecting dotted paper based on a reward of sweetened water. Eventually, the paper with no dots that provided the treat was recognized.Apparently, their aptitude for math is even more impressive than initially believed. A new study has revealed honey...

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Shake It Off: Taylor Swift Is the Namesake of a Newly Discovered Millipede

The word Swiftie describes a Taylor Swift stan. Swiftae, meanwhile, is the second half of the scientific name of a millipede recently christened in the singer’s honor.As NPR reports, the full nomenclature is Nannaria swiftae—Nannaria referring to a genus of millipedes commonly known as “twisted-claw millipedes.” This particular species was discovered at Fall Creek Falls State Park, which...

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14 Chicago Slang Terms You Should Know

The Windy City has given a lot to the world: the Ferris wheel, deep dish pizza, Al Capone … but it’s only fair that Chicagoans have kept a few things for themselves. The Midwestern accent alone is tricky to decipher, but admitting you don’t know the meaning behind any of the city’s long-standing slang terms is akin to...

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Why Medieval Artists Doodled Killer Bunnies in Their Manuscript Margins

Flip through enough 13th- and 14th-century manuscripts, and you're likely to come across a startling image in the margins: a group of bunnies roasting hunters over a fire and boiling their hounds. It’s called “The Rabbits’ Revenge,” and it was fairly popular among medieval texts.Today, rabbits are most commonly depicted through their softer side. People tend to emphasize...

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