Animals Feel What’s Right and Wrong, Too

Amy’s job is pretty repetitive, but normally she doesn’t mind doing what she’s asked. Today, however, she’s working alongside Sidney. Amy can’t help noticing that Sidney is receiving a small reward every time he completes a task, while she gets nothing. After a few rounds of this treatment, Amy has had enough. She refuses to go on performing...

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Draft test

Recently, some scientists taught an artificial intelligence software, called Delphi (after the ancient Greek religious sanctuary), to make moral pronouncements. Type any action into it, even a state of being, like “being adopted,” and Delphi will judge it (“It’s okay”). Delphi is a “commonsense moral model” that can reason well about “complicated everyday situations,” according to Liwei Jiang, a computer...

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Could the Final Season of ‘Better Call Saul’ See the Return of Walt and Jesse? We Finally Have an Answer (Sort Of)

From the time Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul premiered in 2015, fans of the Albuquerque-set crime saga have been wondering if Bad alumni Bryan Cranston (Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) would ever appear on the new series to help ethically-challenged lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) complete his transformation into an undistinguished member of the bar.Spoilers...

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The Race to Protect Sweet Corn

We may not always call it sweet corn, but we enjoy this American staple nearly daily. It’s sweet corn that we grill on the Fourth of July, charring the golden ears to get a smoky tang. It’s sweet corn that we buy at summer farmers’ markets to boil and smother in butter and salt. And it’s sweet corn...

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The Ocean Is Having Trouble Breathing

People who make their living catching fish on the open ocean first noticed the strange phenomenon a few decades ago. It occurred in the shadow zones, the spots between the great ocean currents where sea water doesn’t circulate, off the coasts of Peru, West Africa, and California. The fisher people shared the knowledge among them like a common...

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